Student services

Fee Structure

TypeRequisite Fee (PKR)Expected Delivery/ Process Time
Correction on AWR basisRs. 1000/- (One thousand only)24 hours
Correction on AWR basis (after 05 years)Rs. 1000/- (One thousand only per year)24 hours
Correction (Name/ Father Name) on Court Decree basisRs. 3000/- (Three thousand only)14 days
Correction (Date of Birth) on Court Decree basisRs. 2000/- (Two thousand only)14 days
Correction by Press CuttingRs. 2000/- (Two thousand only)03 days
Correction (Vowel or Spell mistake)Rs. 2000/- (Two thousand only)03 days
Original Certificate (Revised)Rs. 600/- (Six hundred only)03 days
Original Certificate (Duplicate)Rs. 1000/- (One thousand only)03 days
Original Certificate (Triplicate)Rs. 2000/- (Two thousand only)03 days
Original Certificate (Verification)Rs. 350/- (Three hundred and fifty only per copy)24 hours
Surety CertificateRs. 100/- (One hundred only)24 hours
Marks Improvement CertificateRs. 300/- (Three hundred only)03 days
Duplicate Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC)Rs. 400/- (Four hundred only)10 minutes
Verification of Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC)Rs. 350/- (Three hundred & fifty only)10 minutes
Migration Certificate (Urgent)Rs. 500/- (Five hundred only)24 hours
Migration Certificate (Normal)Rs. 300/- (three hundred only)01 week
Migration Certificate (Duplicate)Rs. 700/- (Seven hundred only)24 hours