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SMS Alert eDMC

Access to your academic result of Matric and F.A/ with a single short message service (sms). Just send your roll number to 9818 and you will get your detailed result in a single sms.

How it Works?

The user/Student will send the roll number in a message to 9818 and will receive the require information/Result on his/her mobile.

Benefits for Educational Institutes

  1. Provide effective service without any cost or resource utilization.
  2. On time result declaration.
  3. Elimination of printing cost.
  4. Elimination of gazette distribution.
  5. Minimize HR cost.
  6. Minimize high bandwidth cost for Internet.
  7. Comprehensive Databse.

Benefits for Students

  1. Easy to access. Get hold of the results from anytime anywhere by just one SMS.
  2. Time saving. No need for searching gazette.
  3. Cost effective. It’s low in cost compared to the regular mode of getting results which includes travelling expenses, time and result showing charges.
  4. User friendly and easy approach.
  5. Quick result availability for students/Friend and family at any time any where.


  1. OMR scanning is fast.
  2. OMR scanning is accurate.
  3. OMR scanning is cost effective.
  4. OMR scanning is easy to implement and support.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

Optical mark recognition (OMR) systems are used to capture information by digitally scanning documents filled out by hand. Early examples of OMR technology include paper tape used with telegraphs and punch cards. OMR has evolved into specialized image scanners...

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Online Enrollment & Registration System

While traditional registration is a paper-based, labor-intensive process that wastes both time and money, online registration for schools is highly efficient and promises to revolutionize how administrators manage school operations.

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Benefits of Online system

  1. Time Saving
  2. Money Saving
  3. Paper Saving
  4. Speedy Process
  5. Data Accuracy

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