Certificate services

Original Certificate

Original Certificates of regular successful candidates are handed over to their respective schools/colleges. Therefore, the students are advised to contact their respective schools/colleges in order to receive their Original Certificates prior to visiting the Board Office.
In case of private student You need to submit attested photocopy of the Marks-sheet (DMC) in Certificate Section. You can receive your Original Certificate from the Certificate Section Window by presenting student's/ father's/ mother's or sibling's original CNIC only.
The expected delivery/ processing time will be three (03) working days. The same can be prolonged as well due to pressing official engagment or unavailibility of the competent authority.
Verification of Original Certificates submitted by hand are processed/ verified at certificate Section. Click for Fee detail
Verification of Original Certificates through Department are advised to dispatch photocopies of original certificate along with the letter addressed to Secretary B.I.S.E Mardan or Asstt. Secretary (Certificate) B.I.S.E Mardan. Departmental verification of Original Certificates is dealt with by the Certificate Section.
Click for Fee detail OR Click for Dispatch Guidlines
Note: Followings are exmpetd of fee:
  1. Foreign offices
  2. Embassies
  3. Defence Forces (Pak-army)
  4. Inter-board verfication
  5. Pak Rangers
  6. Public Servcie commission
  7. Newly appointed teachers
  8. Prisoners