Certificate services

Fee Structure

TypeRequisite Fee (PKR)
Gazette Fee(CD/ Gazette Book)3000
Center Fee(Creation of Center)80000
Center Fee(Change of Center)5000
DMC(Grace Marks)300
Cancellation(Exam/ Result)3000
Duplicate Document Fee(Duplicate Certificate)1500
Duplicate Document Fee(Renewal of Certificate Fee)700
Duplicate Document Fee(Duplicate DMC)700
Duplicate Document Fee(Triplicate DMC )2000
Duplicate Document Fee(Triplicate Certificate)3000
Migration Fee(Duplicate Migration Certificate)1000
Migration Fee(Revised Migration Certificate)1000
Migration Fee(Cancellation of Migration Certificate)1000
Migration Fee(Board-To-University Migration)1000
Migration Fee(Board-To-Board Migration)1000
Correction Fee(Name/ F.Name via Court Decree)3500
Correction Fee(Both Name and Father Name)5000
Correction Fee(Any of Name or Father Name)2500
Correction Fee(D.O.B via Court Decree)3500
Correction Fee(D.O.B via AWR)2000
Correction Fee(D.O.B Un-Natural Gap)4500
Verification Fee (DMC NORMAL/ per copy)700
Verification Fee (DMC FOR IBCC/ per copy)1000
Verification Fee (CERT. FOR IBCC/ per copy)1000
Verification Fee (CERT. NORMAL/ per copy)700
Enrollment Fee(Subject Change (9th))300
Enrollment Fee(Group Change (9th))800
Registration Fee(Subject Change (1st Year))300
Registration Fee(Group Change (1st Year))800
Others(Attempt Certificate Fee)300
Others(Improvement Certificate Fee)400
Others(Surety Certificate Fee)200

Fee Submission

Fee can be submitted to the Board in any Branch of Allied Bank Ltd. (ABL) or United Bank Ltd. (UBL) situated in District: Mardan, Swabi, or Nowshera. Slips for fee submission are available at these Bank Branches. Fee can also be submitted through ABL or UBL booths situated in the Board's office.
Following fee submission channels are avaiable:
  1. Allied Bank Ltd. (any Branch of A.B.L situated in Mardan, Swabi, or Nowshera)
  2. United Bank Ltd. (any Branch of U.B.L situated in Mardan, Swabi, or Nowshera)
  3. Bank Booths (ABL/UBL at BISE, Mardan office)